The Stock Horizon System

Stock Horizon is a 100% automated and unbiased day trading system that monitors NASDAQ and NYSE stocks, with a prior close of $50 or less, looking for and alerting ones that have the best trade potential.

Our alerts are presented through our customizable client software Gazer in an easy to understand actionable format, requiring minimal learning curve.

Alerts include long and short trigger prices and calculated profit potentials that are designed to work in any market conditions.

Our system uses no traditional price drawn indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and so on. Instead, the system monitors for active stocks and uses a proven opening range strategy that is easy to understand and increases your chances of success.

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In the current market environment I'm very impressed and pleased with the success percentage and the very small loss of 1 out of 11 trades, this is an average I have not previously been able to achieve.

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Stock Horizon System: